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This blog was created in 2012 to aid me (the writer) in my studies of Animal Science in a respected European University. Explaining something to others is often a very effective method of learning, and that's why this blog was made. Most of the posts here are based on lecture materials and other sources, which I have tried to list should you want more information. Images should always have copyright information below the picture (unless it's a graphic or a photo of mine).

If you use my text or images, please provide your readers a link to this blog. Always use original copyright markings whenever possible. For example if I've used a photo by NN and you take the photo from this blog, keep NN as the owner.

I'm always very happy of any comments, suggestions and corrections you might want to send my way. Just leave a comment under any post to reach me!

"It is not the organs—that is, the character and form of the animal's bodily parts—that have given rise to its habits and particular structures. It is the habits and manner of life and the conditions in which its ancestors lived that have in the course of time fashioned its bodily form, its organs and qualities. "
— Jean-Baptiste Lamarck

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